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August 22, 2016

At Quality Investigative Group, we like to get feedback from clients, and we always followup with clients on our surveillance assignments. Here’s what two recent clients had to say …

re: Investigation Results

1. Quality Investigative Group caught the claimant very active, working, welding. Depo was the next day and our attorney asked the claimant specifics — all which he denied. The plaintiff attorney consulted with our attorney after the depo, and inquired as to what we had. We provided  just two days of pre depo video. But, recall — thanks to QIG — we have two weeks of insured, directed video made prior his statements. Today the plaintiff attorney said he would sign a full dismissal without prejudice for an agreement that we not prosecute his client.

2. According to both the plaintiff and defense attorneys, video provided by QIG was the best high grade HD video either had seen. Kudos to Corey Savant and QIG.

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