Holiday Surveillance is Beneficial

June 15, 2016

It may come as a surprise to learn that private investigative services yield great results during holiday seasons and weekends. In fact, on the Gulf Coast, our warm summer months — which provide ample time for outdoor activities and socializing — also provide a great opportunity for private investigators to “catch” their claimants in the act. Whatever that act may be.

Whether it’s warm weekends around popular holidays such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day or Labor day, or the traditional holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas — holiday time makes for opportunity time when it comes to private investigations.

Claimants are more likely to let their guard down. Claimants are more likely to spend time outdoors, at activities or social events, and that means we have a greater opportunity to conduct surveillance.

Holiday time also can affect your business. Employee theft, fraud and lower productivity levels reach their highest rates during holiday time frames. Retail businesses report a 45% increase in employee theft during the holiday season and workplace fraud – regardless of the industry – increases 20% during holiday times according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Imagine the potential impact of an 20-45% increase in theft or fraud on your company or on the business of your clientele. Some ways QIGPI can work with you during holiday times to step up surveillance, and provide high returns on your PI investment.

Find evidence for insurance claims around the holidays

Are insurance claimants taking advantage thinking you’ve let your guard down? Find out by having us conduct surveillance in the days leading up to, and immediately after a holiday weekend or during holiday seasons. Surveillance shouldn’t go dormant during holiday weekends. This time presents a great opportunity for us to actually increase surveillance. Not only do we see an increase in activity among claimants during these times, we find it’s during these time frames that we document evidence that is most supportive to your case.

New and Seasonal Employees – Conduct spot checks with a PI to view behavior of seasonal employees.

Background Checks – Conduct background checks on all new employees and periodic checks on current employees. It can inform you of any new or recent litigation, arrests or other incidents that could be red flags.

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Ask us about the best time to deploy PI services leading up to a holiday weekend or season.

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