Surveillance & Investigative Services Across all of Louisiana

July 21, 2016

Quality Investigative Group (QIGPI) was founded by a Louisiana native to serve all of Louisiana. Today, after more than 16 years in business, QIGPI covers the whole state with a group of licensed and experienced investigators. Combined, we have more than 90+ years of investigative experience across the company.

QIGPI provides investigation services for all types of cases, including video surveillance, insurance fraud, Jones Act cases, workers comp cases, background checks, child custody investigations, civil and criminal investigations, along with a host of other services such as field work and electronic surveilliance. Our client base ranges from insurance companies, law firms, sole practice attorneys, individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

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Our team is stationed across the state so we can serve any corner of Louisiana with the shortest response time. having staff positioned across the state assures clients of rapid response and an intimate knowledge with “boots on the ground” understanding of cities and towns statewide.


Louisiana Investigators Map. QIG, Lafayette. Call QIGPI, and you’ll limit travel time in your investigative services, because we have staff on hand across the state to perform the tasks you need — whether it’s a port related claim in New Orleans, an oil field services claim in Fourchon, or a corporate case in Shreveport.

Each of our licensed investigators handle covert or undercover surveillance, mobile operations and many other types of investigations.

Why should QIGPI handle your Louisiana investigation?

Our team of investigators are licensed and experienced. Our clients are updated on a regular basis about progress on their cases, and we use the latest investigative tools, techniques, and equipment on all assignments.

If you are looking for a private investigative team with the experience to deliver results anywhere in Louisiana, call our office at (337) 235-1016.

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