When Should You Assign Surveillance for Optimal Results?

October 26, 2016

Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes and ears to find the truth. Whether it’s a child custody case, a worker’s comp claim, employee theft or another form of Surveillance, Quality Investigative Group provides professional and reliable covert surveillance.

A surveillance investigation is more than just a stranger with binoculars hiding behind tinted glass. It’s an undertaking that requires the time, effort, support and commitment of a licensed private investigator, and that’s where we come in at QIGPI.

when to schedule surveillance. QIGPI Louisiana Private Investigator photo / scheduling tips

Corey Savant and his team of private investigators are experts in surveillance. We have a proven track record of successful undercover operations that exceed expectations of our clients. We use state-of-the-art surveillance systems and up-to-date technology to monitor suspects, document their activity and deliver indisputable photographic and/or video evidence — even under the most precarious of conditions.

By customizing each case, you get only the surveillance investigator services you need, whether it’s an undercover operation, hidden digital video surveillance or traditional surveillance services, we’ll get the information. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Questions we get most often pertain to timing. When? When should I hire a PI? And, When should I assign surveillance? These are important questions, and above all there is one important answer.

The answer: Assign surveillance before targeted events or appointments.

For example, many clients know their claimants are scheduled for a doctor’s visit, and they’ll call to assign surveillance on the day of that appointment. The problem with this approach is that most claimants have trained themselves to behave differently on those days, they operate with more caution, keep their guard up, and they focus on being a claimant rather than on going about the normal activities they do each day.

In these cases, it’s beneficial to assign surveillance on the day of events such as appointments, and also for a few days leading up to the event, or a few days after — once things have gone back to “normal,” and when a claimant returns to doing those things they suggest they’re not able to do.

“We’ve followed individuals to doctor’s appointments on insurance claims, in workers comp cases, and in fraud investigations,” says Corey Savant. “In many of these cases, the claimants behave exactly as you expect they would … hobbled, curtailed, careful.”

What’s interesting, says Corey, “is when we see those same people in the days leading up to doctors’ appointments or in many cases, on the very next day following a doctor’s appointment — they’re climbing ladders to do roofing work, playing golf with friends, or taking on side jobs such as running a charter fishing service or renovation construction — all of which we know they say they cannot do. Why does this happen? Because they let their guard down.”

What makes us better than other private investigation agencies? Extensive resources in four states, and an unparalleled attention to detail. We conduct investigations with professionalism, discretion and diligence, and we know it’s best to do so before, during, and after critical times in your claimants scheduled appointments with doctors, lawyers, and company or 3rd party personnel.

The next time you need to assign surveillance, ask yourself if you think we should go at this a day or two earlier, and extend it a day or two past a specific event or instance. If you’ve got any doubts about the value on a case-by-case basis … give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the scenarios. Call Quality Investigative Group at 337-235-1016.

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