Using Social Media at All Stages of Surveillance in Private Investigations

July 10, 2017

New surveillance packages with enhanced social media monitoring is available now at QIGPI.

“Social media is paramount to surveillance and investigative services,” says Corey Savant, founder and owner of Quality Investigative Group PI, in Louisiana. “It is now at a point where clients cannot ignore the value in deploying social media research and monitoring when they order surveillance packages — we know this, and an increase in demand among our clientele has prompted us to introduce enhanced packages to provide customers with the service they want and the results they need.”

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Savant says there are many ways social media surveillance yields results. For instance: “it is useful in bodily injury cases, corporate, and criminal cases, too.”

In addition to traditional surveillance, packages at QIGPI can now be enhanced with social media investigation and monitoring. This includes full online background investigations and social media tracking to enhance the effectiveness of ground work and traditional procedures.

QIGPI can provide you with one-time social search and assessment, or with ongoing monitoring. “Most importantly,” says Savant, “Clients need to know they don’t have to wait until they decide to do surveillance to do a social media search/and or monitoring package.”

He says far too many clients wait until they decide to hire for surveillance. However, it is smart to deploy social media research and monitoring prior to field surveillance and during field surveillance. “When clients wait — claimant’s get smart and social media accounts go dark. Sometimes, we even see them get deleted.”

The valuable intelligence QIGPI gleans from this enhanced surveillance helps our clients make the best decisions before, during and after surveillance is complete.

What does this new enhancement mean?

Savant says: “Effective surveillance is the art of watching a subject in a discreet way without letting them know they are being watched. To be most effective, we go beyond the car window. You can’t just do this with a camera, from a distance. You have to go deeper to tell the full story. Our social media component gives us the ability to track and analyze patterns 24/7, with pinpoint accuracy and with incredible data.”

social media research in surveillance services - QIGPI - Louisiana, 2017

For example, when you add a social media component to a QIGPI investigation package, we can tell you details about a subject’s behavior compiled from a mix of on-site and remote monitoring /observation. Not only do we find your subjects, we tell you with whom they are most likely to meet, and even where they are likely to be at any given time of the day or week.

We supports QIGPI field teams from our digital surveillance center, and this allows us to put investigators in the field with optimal intelligence on your cases.

Clients receive a direct benefit. We provide you with timelines of subjects’ activities, and also with an appended intelligence report including background about their online habits, and information.

QIGPI provides all gathered intelligence with surveillance reports and even encourages clients to call for additional advice and recommendations on what to do with the information collected.

“In fact, one client called recently to tell us our new social media packages deliver results,” says Savant. “This client had been bringing us a fair portion of his case load, but called to say due to our enhanced packages his firm is now moving a larger portion of surveillance case work to our company.”

How are these results achieved?

QIGPI uses a database that scours the internet — including social media platforms — and it provides us with a set of results for each individual we surveil. Results including social media posts, shares, likes, and time spent in online activity.

The client’s that QIGPI sees having the most success are those who make it a point to do the social media search and/or monitoring early on in their cases.

An even wider net can be cast by asking us to monitor family members, friends, and anyone that may give us good intel on your claimant.

Is social media surveillance right for you? The short answer is yes. It’s applicable to almost every investigation, and the results hold up in court. To learn more about enhanced social media surveillance, or to add this component on your next surveillance package, call QIGPI at 337-235-1016.

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