Ask these Four Questions the Next Time you Want to Hire a Private Investigator

February 19, 2019

Hiring private investigators is a regular occurrence for many corporations, insurance companies, and law firms. And, even though PI’s are an integral part of in legal cases, there remains ambiguity for those who find themselves hiring investigators infrequently.

At QIGPI, we understand each case and every situation is different, and we can help you frame the best questions to inform decisions pertaining to investigative services.

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(1) Who are you really hiring, and how do you really know?

It’s important to hire trained AND supervised investigators.

At QIGPI we can guarantee our investigative services are being provided by trained personnel, supervised by experienced investigative managers, and that our supervisory protocol includes human interaction, as well as technology in the field. 

Our team meets daily to review cases, and each investigator on our roster is supervised by an experienced manager, who is also adept at field work and surveillance. 

Add that with our GPS tracking capability, and you receive peace-of-mind: We put in the field exactly who you need in the field, and we can tell where those personnel are at all times.

(2) So, now that you’ve hired an investigator, How do you know who your investigators have ID’ed, … How do you really know?

We’ve seen it time and again, and you’ve probably heard horror stories, too. A case makes it all the way through the legal process, only to discern the investigator merely had a hunch he or she was following the right person. 

At QIGPI, we follow a dedicated, detailed, and repeatable process to not only identify, but also to cross reference claimants. It’s not enough for us to think we have the right person under surveillance, we take extra steps to provide you with higher degrees of certainty, so you can act accordingly. 

(3) Why is it important to verify views from more than one person? 

One set of eyes is good, two or three sets of eyes are better; and that’s why we pass photo and video evidence through multiple people in our company. We don’t bring evidence to you unless we feel sure within our group that we have the evidence you need to support your case. 

(4) Why is QIGPI’s Process Better than the Average firm?

All firms are not created equal, and we know that gives us an opportunity to stand above the fray. We focus on your cases, and we are attuned to your needs. We’ve been at this a long time, and we understand the value proposition in being able to provide you with assurances. 

That’s why our process is worthwhile. We minimize opportunities for mistakes, we dot I’s and cross T’s because being routine about procedures helps us achieve results, and we know this helps you proceed with confidence. 

So, the next time you’re about to hire a private investigator, ask yourself: Does this PI company have protocols in place to answer any and all “What ifs?” 

Does this PI firm supervise its field personnel, and can they provide documentation to that effect when necessary? 

Does the firm use technology and human interaction to monitor field personnel, and do they share ideas, data, and evidence with each other in a way that results in a team approach, as opposed to a maverick scenario? 

If you can answer yes to all those questions, then you’ve got yourself a solid, and reliable investigative partner. If you ask us all those questions, you’ll get a resounding yes to each one — and that means you’ve hired QIGPI.  — Call 337-235-1016

– – – – – 

Other questions to think of while hiring for investigative services include:

• Are your investigators local, and knowledgable about local geography, topography, and current situational events? QIGPI has field personnel with extensive experience, and often-times native history or residence in the areas where we operate. 

• Do you need subject matter expertise? Yes, utility players are valuable, but so, too are investigators who specialize. If you have a need for an investigative specialty, we’ve got you covered.

• Are investigators available 24/7/365? Ours are, it’s as simple as that. 

At QIGPI we understand the professional aspects of the craft, and we can assign the right investigator for the right job, or the right investigator for the right area — giving you a good fit. It’s not enough for us to just put folks on a case, it’s important for us to take ownership of the case so we can meet our promise to perform like a trusted member of your team. 

In Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette — give QIGPI a call when you need investigative services. Throughout Louisiana, and also in Texas, Mississippi, stretching across to the Alabama Gulf Coast — QIGPI has reliable staff ready for that next call. 

You’ve got questions when it comes to private investigations; we’ve got answers.

     — Call 337-235-1016

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